The Crazy Scientist Lab - Young Survivor

£19.95 GBP

This Crazy Scientist Young Survivor experiment kit is great for youngsters who love the outdoors and want to learn more about survival in the wild.

Learn how to generate water from plants, how light a fire without matches, how to build a solar stove and many other awesome experiments ! (over a dozen experiments in this kit).

Immerse kids in a world of curiosity, learning and adventures with this all-inside kit that includes tools, explanations, and details to guide them through.

The crazy scientist lab series of science projects for kids help kids think through problems, find solutions and analyze their findings.

Use these kits as learning aids or for experiments at home or at school or as educational engagement at parties. Engage in hours of creativity and scientific exploration.

Equipped with all the necessary equipment this science kit includes; a magnifying glass, cup, ceramic magnet, foam-bead, climbing rope, sand, gravel, wooden stick, needle, thread, round beads, Bugle beads, a black napkin, solar stove cut-out, and sundial cut-out.

Suitable for ages 8-99.