Sylvanian Families Flora Rabbit Family

£24.99 GBP

Meet the Flora Rabbit Family! They love flowers and have adorable droopy ears!

They also come with a beautiful baby carriage you can put the babies in to go for a lovely walk in nature!

The Flora Rabbit Family have adorable droopy ears and love flowers. This set contains the father, mother, three cradled babies and a variety of accessories.

The flower and clover on the figures' ears can be swapped with the flowers in the bouquet.

You can put the three babies in the baby carriage.

The flower on the mother's ear and the clover on the father's ear can be swapped between the figures.

The Flora Rabbit family members are wearing matching checkered outfits in a cool blue colour.

Nolan the Flora Rabbit father is a gentle type who'll make herbal tea for anyone. He talks to his plants so much that the children think the flowers can really understand him!

Aria the Flora Rabbit mother is a wonderful singer and piano player. She's a teacher at the nursery school—the babies love how kind she is and how much fun they have with her. She can't draw well at all, though!

The triplets' names are Rosemary, Thyme and Sage.

Contents: Flora Rabbit Father, Flora Rabbit Mother, Flora Rabbit Cradled Baby (pink outfit), Flora Rabbit Cradled Baby (yellow outfit), Flora Rabbit Cradled Baby (purple outfit), clover, flower (blue), flower (yellow) x 2, bouquet, baby carriage

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.