Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends 26cm Pink My First Steiff Teddy Bear

£29.90 GBP

Nine months in the making... and now it’s time to really get going.

Measuring 26 cm tall, My first Steiff Teddy bear is a wonderful gift for a newborn and a soft, cuddly companion for little girls and boys as they start to explore.

He will nestle against your baby’s cheek and offer a real sense of security.

My first Steiff Teddy bear will soon smell familiar as their little hands fondle the super soft plush, stitched teddy bear soles and little bean bags in the arms, legs and bottom.

They will be able to feel his mouth, nose, eyes and round ears. But wait a minute – what’s that in teddy’s left ear?

Soft Cuddly Friends My first Steiff Teddy bear in pink is an adorable gift for a newborn!


- Machine washable at 30° C
- With embroidered eyes
- With stainless steel “Button in Ear"
- M
ade of plush for baby-soft skin
- 100% polyester
- Stuffed with synthetic filling material
- Rose pink colour
- 26cm

Suitable for all ages.