Schleich Horse Club Sofia's Beauties 42621 Beauty Horse Achal Tekkiner Stallion

£19.99 GBP

The magnificent Akhal-Teke stallion Beauty Horse has the typical sand-colored coat of his desert home.

But he wasn’t always as fussy about his grooming.

Now he’s with you, you can give your fullest attention to his beautiful long mane! If you comb it carefully beforehand, you can make amazing braided hairstyles. The hair accessories are ready and waiting for the final styling.

With the Beauty Horse Akhal-Teke stallion, you can switch out the mane and tail with replacement manes from the schleich® range.

No matter what kind of mane he has – it’s always flawless. But it’s even more beautiful when braided into pretty hairstyles and decorated with pearls or a bow.

The handsome stallion is sure to be happy about that too.

Recommended for ages 3+