Schleich Horse Club Sofia's Beauties 42617 Grooming Set

£39.99 GBP

In the horse grooming station from schleich, horse and rider get to style themselves together!

There are various brushes and sponges in the drawer, and there’s even a hairdryer at the ready.

After grooming, you can add colorful clips to the mane. The final touch is the horse blanket, which matches the rider’s vest exactly.

You get to admire your handiwork on the rotating platform.

The wellness session in the horse grooming station is going so well, the horse doesn’t want to leave.

The beauty horse is really enjoying all the brushing and sponging. To help the mane and tail dry faster, there’s a hairdryer waiting in the drawer.

Now the styling can begin. You can add beads, bows or flowers and there’s even an extra strand of hair.

To make sure everyone knows you belong together, the horse and rider have a matching look: the horse blanket and vest have the same pattern and even the gaiters match the armband.

Recommended for ages 3+