Schleich Farm World 13961 American Spotted Donkey

£5.99 GBP

Grey is so yesterday! This four-legged friend stands out even from a distance: The American donkey is beautifully spotted.

Even its bristly mane is two-tone. And it is stubborn as can be: If you look deep into the donkey’s eyes with its long eyelashes, you’ll probably want to give it everything it asks for. Who could resist that look?

With its brown spots and light coat, the spotted donkey looks really pretty and differs from its mostly grey or brown counterparts.

Like them, however, the American donkey has the typical long ears. it can hear really well, especially when it is being as attentive as now, with ears pricked. It pays close attention to everything going on in the farmyard. Pretty clever, isn’t it?

Recommended for ages 3+