Ravensburger The Corner Shop 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

£10.99 GBP

Do you remember when the corner shop was a common sight, and you could pop in to buy anything from a loaf of bread to pots and pans?

This young customer has called in with her Mum, who is deciding which cans she needs to top up her pantry whilst the grocer cuts her some ham.

The cakes, eclairs and fruit bread in the foreground look very tempting, as do the cola cubes and pear drops in the large jars on the counter!

This wonderfully nostalgic scene is packed with detail and colour, and may rekindle memories of days gone by.

This 100 piece jigsaw has large, sturdy, easy to handle pieces and is ideal for those looking for “fiddle-free” puzzling!

Ravensburger's 100pc piece jigsaws are crafted with FSC premium quality and measure 49 x 36cm when complete.

Great for adults and for children 10 years old and up.

Fully complies with all necessary UK and EU testing standards.