Rainbow High Jr High Special Edition Krystal Bailey - 9" Purple Posable Fashion Doll

£24.99 GBP

Rainbow High inspires creativity! Go back in time and meet your favourite students before they became friends and followed their creative dreams to Rainbow High.

Each themed playset comes with a complete doll outfit, doll with new younger face-sculpts, and a soft fabric backpack to carry their school essentials. They have gorgeous features!

Krystal Bailey is dressed in her signature PURPLE from head to toe. She has a gorgeous younger face sculpt, detailed features in her fashion, beautiful curly purple hair in two buns, long eye lashes and glass eyes.

SCHOOL FASHION - Krystal dreams of being editor in chief for an arts magazine, so she’s been interning at her local newspaper to build her portfolio and make connections. She comes wearing a studded denim jacket, purple skirt, booties, and accessories.

SCHOOL ESSENTIALS - She never leaves home without her phone in her backpack. She needs the voice recorder app for impromptu interview. Her soft fabric satin backpack opens and closes and is the perfect accessory for all her accessories.

WHAT'S INCLUDED - 9"/23cm fashion doll, a complete doll outfit, a pairs of doll shoes, a pair of socks, hairbow, doll comb, doll accessories, and a soft satin backpack that opens and closes.

STRIKE A POSE - She's 9"/23cm tall and fully articulated and posable. Her arms and legs bend for so many glamorous poses. You can display her with her older version for a perfect collectors combo.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.