Playmobil Country 71443 Vegetable Garden with Grandparents

£24.99 GBP

What could be better than spending the vacations with your grandparents, taking care of the cute pet pig and learning a lot about gardening along the way?

The bed can be filled with water to make the plants "grow".

Introducing the PLAYMOBIL Country Vegetable Garden with Grandparents! Spark your child's imagination with this delightful toy set, designed for children aged 4 years and up.

The set features grandparents and a grandchild, along with a piglet and a puppy. Made of over 80% sustainable material, it encourages eco-consciousness.

Watch as the flowers "grow" when the bed is filled with water, plant new seedlings on the planting table, and cultivate mushrooms in the wooden box. Role-play has never been more rewarding!

Figures: 1x woman, 1x man, 1x girl; Animals: 1x piglet; Accessories: 1x camping chair, 1x fence, 1x children's table; 1x picnic basket, 1x crate, 1x spray bottle, 1x watering can, 1x bucket, 1x sand toy, 2x flower pot, 1x knife, 2x hoe, 1x branch fork, 1x bed; 4x turnips and turnip greens, 1x toadstool 3-pcs, 1x flour bag, 1x ice pack, 4x flowers, 2x foliage, 2x dab flowers, 3x leaves attachable, 2x bouquet flowers.

Box dimensions: 24.8 x 18.7 x 7.2 cm
Product dimensions: 16.0 x 8.0 x 4.5 cm
Weight: 311 g

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.