Playmobil Adventures of Ayuma 70804 Fairy Hut

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Magical Moments in the Auyma Forest.

The evil Bat Fairies have discovered the mythical energy source and want to steal its crystals. To protect their world, the Crystal Fairies, Forest Fairies and Knight Fairies join forces with their soul animals and defend Auyma, the fairy forest.

After a busy day, the Forest Fairy and her little owl love to crawl under the cosy bed of leaves in the Playmobil Fairy House. When it gets dark, the flower lantern glows in the dark.

With this playset and the Playmobil animals from the Adventures of Ayuma range, girls and boys can embark on heroic adventures that are all about fairies, friendship, courage and magic.

The cute little fairy hut is the Forest Fairy's home, but her soul animal, the fantasy leafy owl, also lives there with her. After an eventful day, the two friends love to relax and disappear into the land of dreams. The forest fairy is equipped with moving leaf wings that can be removed. Her leafy skirt, belt and jewellery can be removed too. The owl has curved feet so it can perch on branches and surfaces.

Once the door is open, the forest inhabitants can enter the little house through the round, opening entrance door. For better access, the water drop house can be opened completely to reveal the cosy living quarters of the Playmobil figures. Inside, it features a bed of leaves with a pillow, and a blanket. A small mirror hangs on the inside of the door, and a hiding drawer is integrated on the floor. There you can store small accessories. The ceiling lamp is made of luminescent plastic, and it shines as soon as it gets dark.

You can be as creative as you want when decorating the water drop house. The playset comes with a bunch of stickers. It includes different sized stars that children can use to decorate the little house.

In the magical fairy kingdom of Ayuma, exciting adventures await the Crystal Fairies, the Knight Fairies, the Forest Fairies, and the Bat Fairies. Lovingly designed fairy toys, cute soul animals and magical places allow imaginative girls and boys to immerse themselves in the mythical Playmobil fairy world. Will our fairies succeed in protecting the crystal from the magical energy source and all of Ayuma? Find out by creating their next adventures with these enchanting Playmobil playsets.

54-piece playset: 1 house, 1 fairy, 1 soul animal, 1 stickers, 50 accessories

Suitable for children aged 7-12.