Lego Ninjago 71797 Destiny's Bounty - Race Against Time

£129.99 GBP

Ninja fans aged 9+ will be excited to play out action with this updated Destiny’s Bounty – race against time (71797) playset.

The iconic vehicle is now an airship, allowing the ninja to sail above the newly merged world. It features a removable dragon nesting at the front, posable sails, stud shooters at the back and 360-degree rotating engines.

The roof can also be removed to reveal a navigation room and a playroom with an arcade machine.

Cool toys for kids - The premium playset comes with a Baby Riyu model and 6 minifigures: Master Wu with his staff, Arin with a grappling hook, Sora, Lloyd and Kai, who each have a golden katana, and Rapton with an Imperium sword and his own grappling hook for imaginative kids to play out gripping scenes from the NINJAGO® Dragons Rising TV series.

Suitable for children aged 9 and up.