Lego Creator 31153 Modern House

£89.99 GBP
Young builders can explore 3 different LEGO toy houses with this fun-filled LEGO Creator 3in1 Modern House building toy. The luxurious 2-storey beach house sits in the shade of 2 palm trees and has a kitchen, living room, reading room, bedroom, shower room, balcony and modern furnishings including an armchair and chandelier. There is also a swimming pool for kids to role-play fun stories. This LEGO 3in1 building set for kids offers a world of exciting play possibilities with 3 different LEGO house models to build using the same set of bricks. Kids can create a Modern model House, rebuild it into a stylish 3-storey city building with a hot tub room and rooftop terrace or turn it into a forest cabin. The Modern House and 3-storey city building provide access to the rooms from the back, while the forest cabin has an opening roof. The toy house playset comes with 2 minifigures, and LEGO fans can swap their outfits. Each of the 3 models can be created with the help of the LEGO Builder app for a fun digital experience. With 3 options to create in every box, LEGO Creator 3in1 sets offer a range of brick-built models that appeal to kids’ biggest passions, including cool LEGO vehicles, amazing animals and detailed city scenes. Recommended for 9+