Learning Resources Skeleton Anatomy Model - Build knowledge of the human skeleton

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This 41 piece model connects to form a human skeleton that displays the structure's major parts.

The model features: skull, rib cage, humerus, spinal column, radius, ulna, hand, pelvis, femur, tibia, fibula, and foot.

The finished model measures 23 cm and comes with a display stand and step-by-step, photo-illustrated assembly instructions.

Illustrative of the inner workings of the human body Realistically detailed with parts that can be removed Skeleton measures twenty three centimetres Suitable for home and classroom learning.

The human skeleton consists of over two hundred connecting bones that work together to give the body its shape and support. Without a skeleton the human body would be a soft, shapeless blob of muscle and organs. The skeleton not only provides the body structure but protects internal organs, stores essential minerals such as calcium, produces red blood cells, and connects with the muscles to allow the body to move.

Suitable for children aged 8 and up.