Great Gizmos 4M KidzLabs Hologram Projector

£16.95 GBP

Learn the theory behind the magical 3D hologram and impress your friends with the floating 3D images.

Watch these images come to life from prehistoric dinosaurs to the deadliest predators of the sea, you can safely make anything come to life in the comfort of your own home. Friends and family will be astounded when you can make astronauts appear to be floating in space or a formula 1 racing car appear suspended in front of them.

It can even be used to project images on your mobile phone as a hologram – use your creativity and bring all your photos back to life!

Contents: Contains base x 1, reflector x 1, transparent cover x 1, four-sided screen x 1, stand x 1, paper template x 8, battery cover x 1, screw x 1 and detailed instructions. Also required, but not included in the kit: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries and a small crosshead screwdriver.

Box size: 16.7 x 21.5 x 5.8 cm
Box weight: 0.19 Kg

Requires 1.5V AAA x 2 battery

Suitable for children aged 8 and up.