Fluffie Stuffiez Small Plush - Rainbow

£14.99 GBP

3 WAYS TO PLAY: Pull it! Reveal it! Stuff it!

  • SURPRISE CHARACTER REVEAL: Pull the outer layer of fluff from your Fluffie Stuffiez to reveal the character underneath. Who will you get? - Pixie or Sunny Rainbow?
  • INTERACTIVE PLAY: Experience a fun interactive activity by pulling the fluff off your Fluffie Stuffiez and placing the fluff into the squishy pouch. Fluffiez Stuffiez provides hours of fun!
  • CREATIVITY & DIY: Get creative with the different ways you pull your fluff. Give your character a mustache, unibrow, heart cheeks or even a mohawk - there are so many ways to uniquely customize as you pull and reveal!
  • STORAGE POUCH: The soft squishy bag doubles as storage for your pulled fluff and becomes a second friend for extended play. Its squishiness also makes it a great fidget toy!
  • COLLECTIBLE CHARACTER HANG TAG: Open the circle hang tag to learn about your character and attach it to your Fluffie Stuffiez as a keepsake.
  • 3-IN-1 COLLECTIBLE PLUSH: Each Fluffie Stuffiez brings the joys of unboxing, collectability, ASMR, and fidget fun!

  • COLLECT THEM ALL: So many fun characters to collect! Choose from the Rainbow, Unicorn, Treats, Axolotl, Bear, and Sky families, in small and large size.
  • INCLUDES: 1 Fluffie Stufiez plush, storage bag, character hang tag, and collector's guide.
  • FOR KIDS AGES 4 AND UP: Kids ages 4 years old and up will love playing with all of these super cute characters!