Brio World 36096 Dinosaur Battery Train

£29.99 GBP

Embark on a prehistoric adventure with the 36096 Dinosaur Battery Train.

Explore a world of dinosaurs on board this battery-powered toy train with forward and reverse functions as well as a front light. Use the train’s wagon to help move the dinosaurs and their eggs from place to place around your railway tracks.

Two playful dinosaurs are included in this playset, both featuring colourful designs, unique moving parts and classic BRIO magnets to interact with the world around them.

About BRIO World: BRIO World is our open-ended play system that grows with your child. All BRIO World toys work with each other to create an entirely customisable world that’s great for challenging growing minds. There are endless combinations of imaginative play waiting to be explored and this toy train fits right in – just pick up a piece and start building your world.

36096 Dinosaur Battery Train includes 5 pieces: 1x Battery-powered Engine, 1x Wagon, 1x Brachiosauruses Figure, 1x Pteranodon Figure, 1x Dinosaur Eggs Cargo.

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.