Brio Railway Starter Set Pack A

£36.99 GBP

The perfect introduction to the Brio wooden railway world. Includes tracks, train, tunnel, play figures, accessories and a leaflet with inspirational pictures to spark your imagination .

The Railway starter set is an ideal jumping on point!

Build this classic figure of eight with large rock tunnel/bridge. Push the travel engine along the tracks through the tunnel or over it. Use the stop and go signal to stop the train and let passengers on board.

If you want to extend your track layout we recommend Track Pack B specially designed for use with this set. It will add a number of fun track layouts for the travel train to go along.

The track layout measures 100 x 45cm and includes 3 x Figures, 1 x Signal, 1 x Suitcase, 12 x Curves, 2 x Straights, 2 x Slopes, 1 x Bridge/Tunnel, 1 x Bench, 2 x Engines, 1 x Carriage.

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.