Brio 33061 Cargo Harbour Set

£54.99 GBP

With the Brio cargo harbour set you can sail the container ship across the water and arrive in the harbour with cargo.

Lift the bridge and allow the slow moving container ship to pass underneath. Once safely moored you can begin to unload the cargo. Open the cargo deck and using the crane pick up the contents. Now you can load them onto the waiting battery powered train and wagon with sliding doors. Now for the ship to turn around and begin the return journey.

As the ship leaves the harbour, do not forget to open up the bridge to allow it to pass by the tracks.

The track layout measures 51 x 60cm and includes 1 x 2pc Harbour bridge, 1 x Crane, 1 x Container Ship, 1 x Freight Train, 1 x Wagon, 2 x Loads, 8 x Track Pieces.

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.