Barbie Fashionista Doll #208 with Down's Syndrome

£13.99 GBP

Designed to reflect the world kids see today, this diverse line of Barbie Fashionistas showcases bright and trendy styles that make for endless storytelling possibilities.

Meet the first Barbie doll with Down´s syndrome! Barbie partnered with the National Down Syndrome Society to design a doll that celebrates this community.

Meaningful symbols are incorporated throughout her outfit, like butterflies -- which are a symbol of Down´s syndrome -- and the blue and yellow colour palette, which represents Down´s syndrome awareness.

Her pink pendant necklace has three arrows to represent the third 21st chromosome that individuals with Down´s syndrome have, and they point outwards to represent rising up and moving forward.

Barbie doll’s pink ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) match her outfit perfectly and support her as she walks, while her white sneakers have a zipper detail so kids can easily slip them on and off!.

She has blond hair and rocks a floral dress with puff sleeves! With such a versatile and stylish look, this Barbie doll is ready for any adventure that kids dream up!

Kids 3 years old and up can collect other Barbie Fashionistas dolls for even more fun with friends and fashion at playtime!

Suitable fro children aged 3 and up.